Khaled Ben Slimane Exploration I 2014 Acrylic on Canson paper 152 x 201 cm

    Khaled Ben Slimane, Exploration I, 2014, Acrylic on Canson paper, 152 x 201 cm

    Art on paper


    Elmarsa Gallery is pleased to present Art on paper, showcasing a broad range of modern and contemporary art from the gallery’s collection, in which the use of paper as a surface is the primary consideration. Art on paper includes selected paintings, prints and drawings made on fine art paper, newspaper and cardboard by established Arab artists using a variety of media, including pen, ink, watercolor, acrylic and gouache. Through their diversity both in style and materials, this selection of works not only allows to address various aesthetic expressions, but also to examine methods and topics used by artists across the Arab world, spanning the period from the 1940s to the present day. Art is a product of its time that is understood and appreciated as a result of the social, political and cultural context in which it was made and the wider range of influences that shaped art history.


    Exhibiting artists


    Abdelaziz Gorgi, Abdulaziz Ashour, Adam Henein, Ammar Farhat, Aly Ben Salem, Atef Maatallah, Baya Mahieddine, Brahim Dhahak, Charles Hussein Zenderoudi, Gouider Triki, Halim Karabibene, Khaled Ben Slimane, Mahjoub Ben Bella, Mohammed Khadda, Nabil Saouabi, Nja Mahdaoui, Omar Bey, Rachid Koraichi and Raeda Ashour


    Abdelaziz Gorgi, Untitled, Gouache on paper, 27 x 21 cm
    Brahim Dahak, Les Toits, Sidi Bou-Saïd, Watercolour on paper, 38 x 55 cm
    Baya Mahieddine, Village aux oiseaux, 1987, Gouache on paper, 75 x 100 cm
    Mohammed Khadda, Untitled, Gouache on paper, 65 x 50 cm
    Adam Henein, Between heaven and earth, 1978, Watercolor and gouache on paper, 32.5 x 23 cm
    Nja Mahdaoui, Jadaïl 1, 2013, Mixed media on Arches vellum paper, 103 x 153 cm
    Rachid Koraichi, Frise Calligraphique, Serigraph in colors, 120 x 78 cm
    Mahjoub Ben Bella, Talisman 1, 2001, Aquarelle on paper, 50 x 65 cm
    Gouider Triki, Explosion, 2014, Acrylic on paper, 90.2 x 69.4 cm
    Abdulaziz Ashour, Forbidden #20J, 2014, Papers and mixed media, 47 x 64 cm
    Halim Karabibene, Tunisian Winter, Paris, 2013, Carborundum engraving, 100 x 100 cm, Edition 2/5