Abderrazak Sahli, Untitled, 1990, Acrylic on canvas
Rafik El Kamel, Transfiguration II, 2006, Acrylic on canvas, 190 x 140 cm
Baya, Untitled, 1998, Gouache on paper, 75 x 100 cm
Fouad Bellamine, Untitled, 2007, Mixed media on canvas, 61 x 49 cm
Nja Mahdaoui, Untitled, Bronze, 76 x 28 x 58.5 cm
Farid Belkahia, Trilogie, 2003, Natural pigments on vellum, 71.5 x 70.5 cm
Nja Mahdaoui, Untitled, 2008, Triptych, Mixed media on canvas, 100 x 81 cm each
Gouider Triki, Untitled VI, 2005, Mixed media on paper, 78 x 53 cm
Rachid Koraichi, Ahmed Ezaatar, 1985, Bronze, 75.5 x 58 x 37.5 cm
Nejib Belkhodja, Composition, 2007, Oil on canvas, 70 x 100 cm
Abdallah Benanteur, Bonjour les signes, 1978, Oil on canvas, 81 x 65 cm
Hatim Elmekki, Bal masqué, 1978, Colour pencil on paper, 65 x 50 cm
Khaled Ben Slimane, Side of Wall III, 2008, Bronze, 60 x 42 x 10 cm
Gouider Triki, Untitled XVII, 2005, Mixed media on paper, 50 x 68 cm
  • 20 June - 20 August 2009

    Views & Perspectives

    This exhibition presents some thirty works by North African artists who have been exploring contemporary concerns by challenging, redeeming, or personalizing Islamic art and historical subjects. Throughout the second half of the twentieth century, artists particularly in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia were challenged by a period in which established values and institutions came into question generally. The works on view embrace different artistic mediums and comprise a variety of styles, with a range of widely diverse approaches. Views & Perspectives in North African Artexamines a selection of these past and recent productions and features both modern and contemporary North African artists, including Baya, Farid Belkahia, Nejib Belkhodja, Fouad Bellamine, Abdallah Benanteur, Khaled Ben Slimane, Rafik El Kamel, Hatim El Mekki, Rachid Koraichi, Nja Mahadaoui, Abderrazak Sahli, Gouider Triki. The exhibition is intended to demonstrate the variety of coexisting attitudes and strategies in modern and contemporary art from North Africa by presenting a few of what could be many distinct visions inspired by ancient legends, geometric abstraction or (Sufi) spirituality.