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Atef Maatallah, Les Linges de Junon, 2018, Drawing, 150x114.2 cm
Atef Maatallah, Pugilats, 2018, Drawing, 99.9x121.4 cm
Atef Maatallah, L’Antika - Fragmenta I, 2018, Drawing, 143.1x100 cm
Atef Maatallah, Opus tessellatum IV, 2019, Mosaic, 70x50 cm
  • Atef Maatallah

    النتيكا The rustling of the stone

    18 .11. 2019 – 10. 01. 2020

    Elmarsa Gallery, Dubai

    Elmarsa Gallery is pleased to present النتيكا The rustling of the stone, Atef Maatallah’s first solo exhibition in Dubai, opening on Monday 18 Novembre 2019. The exhibition presents some fifteen drawings and mosaics mapping the inner land of the artist’s childhood in "antika", the ruins of the Tunisian archaeological site Thuburbo Majus transformed into a playground to flee the daily dreary burden from his native town of El Fahs. «النتيكا The rustling of the stone» extends the artist's interest in history related to our relationship to time and dichotomies between individual memory and collective memory, human reality and historical reality.

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