Exhibition Trance 2016, Elmarsa Dubai
Exhibition view, Trance 2016
Douroub, 2015, Installation of 20 double membrane drums, Mixed media on drum vellum and wood

Various dimensions &Trance, 2013, Mixed media on linen canvas, 300 x 700 cm

Douroub, 2015, Installation of 10 single membrane ‘Bendirs’, Mixed media on drum vellum and wood,

Diam. 43 cm x W. 14 cm each

MaqamEssafa, 2011,Gilded bronze sculpture, H.85 x W.78 x D.60 cm, Edition 4
Jadaïl 7, 2013,Mixed media on Arches vellum paper, 153 x 103 cm
Asrar 1, 2015,Mixed media on linen canvas, Diam. 90 cm
Exhibition view Trance 2016
Exhibition view Trance 2016
  • Nja Mahdaoui

    14th March 2016 – 30th April 2016
    23, Alserkal Avenue, Dubai

    Elmarsa gallery is proud to present the exhibition “Trance” by Tunisian artist Nja Mahdaoui at its new gallery space in Alserkal Avenue, Dubai. The exhibition will focus on the unique distinctive work by one of the major figures of Arab art whose international career has been hugely productive for more than four decades. The exhibition will present the richness of his spiritual and aesthetic practice throughout his creative engagement and the variety of his output. Through a wide array of new works, the presentation will focus on the diverse aspects of his contemporary calligraphic medium, showing his formal inventiveness and his versatility in the handling of materials, which includes parchment, bronze, vellum and wood. While his use of the Arabic script reveals the pure artistic dimension of the letter, his calligraphy also exposes the depth of his emotional and conceptual consideration of the most free and spiritual notions of art.