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Abdelkader Guermaz Sans titre 3, 1965 Oil on canvas 61 x 50 cm
Aly Ben Salem Riders and woman, Circa 1970s Gouache on paper 27.5 x 18.5 cm
Works of Abdelkader Guermaz, Fair view, Art Dubai Modern 2017
Works of Aly Ben Salem, Fair view, Art Dubai Modern 2017
  • ALY BEN SALEM (1910-2001) │ ABDELKADER GUERMAZ (1919-1996)

    Art Dubai Modern 2017

    Booth M6

    March 15 - 18, 2017

    Elmarsa is proud to present two foremost North African modernists, Aly Ben Salem (1910-2001) and Abdelkader Guermaz (1919-1996) in booth M6 for the fourth consecutive year at Art Dubai Modern 2017. The exhibition offers insight into the development of twentieth-century North African art while also shedding light on how this chapter fits into the wider art history of the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia (MENASA).

    Like many of their regional peers, neither Ben Salem nor Guermaz received the recognition that they deserved during their lifetimes and are only being rediscovered more recently thanks to an expanding international art market. Similarly, our understanding of the modernist period in the region remains in its early stages as this art history is still being gathered by a few persistent scholars facing challenges ranging from the destruction wrought by war and revolution to incomplete or inaccessible archives. The francophone Maghreb chapter sometimes suffers by being left out of English language histories of Arab modernism, therefore, Elmarsa’s exhibition attempts to draw some initial links between Ben Salem and Guermaz’s practices with other MENASA modernists.